6 Features To Look In Buying A Smartwatch


6 Features To Look In Buying A Smartwatch

Dozens of hi-tech companies, upstarts also traditional ones are creating smartwatches to deliver notifications, apps and more to your wrist. Although features and styles vary, the most appeal of a smartwatch is the time it saves you. Whether you would like to quickly check incoming message or control your music, you will be ready to glance down at your wrist rather than having to whip out and unlock your phone. Many smartwatches often work independently of a phone, but most are designed as buddy devices.

Evaluation of smartwatches has resulted within the current five big smartwatch platforms- Apple, Android Wear, Pebble OS, Samsung and Microsoft’s Band.

Users need to see the below factors before buying a smartwatch.

1. Phone Compatibility
Search for a tool that really works together with your phone. And though most smartwatches now feature some cross-platform compatibility, they could offer different functionality on different platforms.

2. Features
Every smartwatch can handle notifications to an extent and that ability essentially defines the category. Also, all of them have somewhat features of music playback controls, pedometers, changeable watch faces and a variation of apps. Other features can differ based on the smart watch platform and brand.

3. Fitness
If you care about fitness than notifications, you’ll need a pulse sensor and/or GPS. Some recently made are best smart watches for fitness because they possess very accurate versions of both the above and also arguably the foremost robust health app for a smartwatch.


They comprise of standard features like mapping your runs and calories burned, but also provide information like your blood oxygen levels, UV light exposure, and comparing your body statistics to people. It's left to the imagination of apps providers to increase their abilities.

4. Battery Life
Regardless of how efficient manufacturers attempt to be, but if we compare longevity traditional watches are much more superior to smart watches. This is often mostly dependent upon the display technology such as LCD displays limiting most smartwatches to a maximum of two days on a charge.
However, with the recent technology some people can get away with charging their smartwatch weekly.

5. Design
Most of the people simply won’t buy a smartwatch they wouldn’t want to be seen wearing, so design might be the foremost or least important a part of buying a smartwatch, counting on how you would like to use it. The style and pattern is strictly personal and it varies from person to person.

6. Price
This is often the foremost important factor to be considered since none of the above matters if you can’t actually afford a smartwatch, and costs vary greatly counting on the above factors.

  • Kenny Popoola